About District 12

Dane County District 12 comprises the Village of Maple Bluff and parts of Madison north of E Washington Avenue. The district is diverse – from Lake Mendota to the Interstate, encompassing all of the Dane County Airport.


District 12 has some of the best urban parks in the area! 

  • Warner Park Dog Park
  • Demetral Park Dog Park*
  • McCormick Park Dog Park*


Our lives are surrounded by natural areas which need to be protected.

  • Lake Mendota
  • Starkweather Creek


From Elementary to College, libraries to Imagination Centers, District 12 has you covered.


Larry has been working hard in the district for years…

  • Larry was instrumental in the creation of the McCormick and Demetral Dog Parks on the Common Council.
  • On the Library Board, Larry support the improvements to the Lakeview Library across from Warner Park.
  • On the Library Board and Common Council, Larry was supportive of the creation of the Reindahl Park Imagination Center.
  • Larry added money to the City Capital budget to expand and improve the Warner Park Community & Recreation Center in the coming years

Items marked with an asterisk Larry has previously worked on for the City Council.