Dane County District 12

For 2022, all districts in Madison and the City of Madison have changed. The new District 12 has now added the area bounded by East Washington Avenue, US 90/94, Highway 30 and Stoughton Road.

This area includes East Towne Mall, Sycamore Park and many tremendous assets.

For Maple Bluff, Sheridan Triangle, Brentwood and the norther part of Sherman Neigborhood you will now be in District 18.

For Eken Park Neigborhood, you will not be in District 2.


District 12 has some of the best urban parks in the area! 


Our lives are surrounded by natural areas which need to be protected.

  • Lake Mendota
  • Starkweather Creek


From Elementary to College, libraries to Imagination Centers, District 12 has you covered.


Larry has been working hard in the district for years…

  • Larry was instrumental in the creation of the McCormick and Demetral Dog Parks on the Common Council.
  • On the Library Board, Larry support the improvements to the Lakeview Library across from Warner Park.
  • On the Library Board and Common Council, Larry was supportive of the creation of the Reindahl Park Imagination Center.
  • Larry added money to the City Capital budget to expand and improve the Warner Park Community & Recreation Center in the coming years

Items marked with an asterisk Larry has previously worked on for the City Council.

“I’m proud to support Larry.  Larry will champion criminal justice reform on the county board– working collaboratively to create alternatives to incarceration, reduce our jail population, and address racism within our systems head on.  Larry has a proven record of tackling tough issues on the city council and leading with the voices of district.  We need his leadership now more than ever.”     – Dane County Supervisor Carousel Bayrd.