Gateway to Dane County

The airport is the gateway to Dane County and continues to be a  strong economic driver  with an impact of more than $600 million year year to our community. 

Water Quality

PFAS previously used in fire fighter foam at the airport have leached into our ground water. We need to remove PFAS from the ground water to keep our Starkweather Creek clean.

Noise Abatement

Planes fly over our heads every day. The airport needs to be at the forefront of noise abatement and compensate nearby residents for improvements such as insulation and new doors and windows.

Dane County Airport

In District 12, the airport serves not only vacationers but is a major driver for our regional economy. Businesses throughout Dane County depend upon a well-functioning airport to move employees, transport goods and destination travel such as conferences and trainings.

However, many of our residents bear the brunt of this travel. I myself live under a landing zone and see and hear the planes overhead. I know how this can affect your every day life and will continue to push for the airport to design, build and operate in ways that are least impactful to you.

Many nearby homeowners received noise abatement compensation many years ago for improvements to their houses under the condition that they released the County from future obligations. I will work to cancel these agreements so that proper investments can be made to make homes more livable.

In addition, there is much concern about PFAS chemicals previously used at the airport and are now in our ground potentially affecting our drinking water.

The airport needs to do comprehensive PFAS testing so we understand the extent of the issue and release the testing results to the broader community as quickly as possible.

We need to work aggressively to remove PFAS before it becomes an even bigger issue. We should explore testing and removing PFAS from the soil and water during future construction projects if the PFAS levels are above a certain level. When digging in the shallow areas, water can be potentially pumped out and filtered before being returned to the ground.