Black Owned Businesses

We need to invest in our local businesses, especially Black, Latino and LGBTQ owned business that have experienced loss of revenue and have reduced workforce.

Public Market

The Madison Public Market will highlight our local economy – supporting local producers and connecting them to buyers right here at home.

Oscar Mayer Site

Dane County needs to partner with the City of Madison to ensure that the Oscar Mayer site supports all of our community and is not just business as usual.

From Farm to Our Tables

Larry buying produce from Hmong farmers at the Dane County Farmers Market in 1995!

Madison Public Market

For years, I’ve supported the Madison Public Market at the corner of First Street and East Johnson at the former City Fleet Services Building.

The Public Market  MarketReady program is a stunning example of how government can support diversity in local entrepreneurship.

MarketReady participants are gearing up to participate at the Public Market. During the first phase of the MarketReady program:

  • 83% of participate are people of color,
  • 62% are women,
  • 33% are first generation immigrants,
  • added 15 new jobs over the course of the cycle.

The Madison Public Market is an example of the interconnections – supporting local economy, preserving family farmland, and environmental reuse that Dane County should continue to support.