Electric Vehicles

Dane County needs to lead in invest in electric vehicles for County Business and add additional charging stations at facilities such as parks.

Farmland Preservation

Dane County has some of the best farmland in America. We need to preserve our farmland for local production.


Biking and Walking

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Improving Dane County’s Environment

The way we treat our environment affects us all. Dane County has been a leader in finding sustainable and measurable ways to reduce the effects of our every day living, but we need to continue to evaluate new and innovative ways to keep the air, water and land clean.

As a plug-in electric vehicle owner, I know the advantages that electric vehicles have. I’m pleased that Dane County continues to invest in electric vehicles and charging stations. 

We need to continue to invest in solar power (like 9-megawatt solar array near the Airport) to reduce the County’s energy needs (and for charging our cars!). We need to invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency to protect our environment for future generations.

We need to continue to preserve our prime farmland – so that future generations can continue to grow healthy locally produced food. We need to invest in sustainable farming practices and support family farming.

We need to continue to connect to nature through park purchases, expanding pedestrian and bicycle routes and making improvements like oak savanna woodland restorations, boardwalk replacements and fishing and boating improvements that allow all residents to connect to our environment.

Finally I support the purchase of recycled or recyclable environmentally conscientious product. It’s much harder that it appears and Dane County can continue to be the leader to support this growing industry.

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