Working For You

I am dedicated to serving my neighbors in District 12 and the residents of Dane County. I pledge to engage you in the important decisions that affect your community.

Access to Meetings

Residents should be able to know what is happening during meetings. You should have easy access to the agendas and meeting should be recorded and available online.

Your Money, Our Budget

The County Budget is a vital document that residents should have significant opportunities to provide input and feedback before adoption.

Good Government For All

I support and will work for improved public access to all Dane County meetings, including recordings available online. Good government lives in the sunlight, serves our community and represents the best of us as citizens.

We need to ensure that agendas are complete and accessible, detailed minutes explain what decisions our committees take, and that meetings are held at a time when it is accessible to more. 

In addition, we must continue to strive for a participatory budget process that involve real citizens that help Supervisors make real decisions about how our money is spent.